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B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

Big ideas. Big construction sites. Tiny drops of water. Justin Whiteford sees water vapor at a scale few of us have experienced. Over a train yard. In Manhattan. 10,000 stories up. Find out… Continue reading

B+D 12: Studio Collective

Studio Collective. Documenters of design process, focusing on student projects amassed from the majors of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. 33 black cladded stealth journalist ninjas and one… Continue reading

B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

Hit mute and gape! That tiny dot that keeps tethering itself to something structural on each of the floors? Justin Whiteford. We can’t wait to hear new-Richmonder Justin Whiteford expand on his adventures hovering above… Continue reading

B+D6 Recap: Briget Ganske

Briget Ganske was kind enough to share her entire presentation (including narration!) for all to enjoy.  It is 10 minutes of brilliant storytelling and visual poetry.  So whether you missed B+D6: Tall Tales,… Continue reading


Briget Ganske’s photography and documentary film-making talents carry her all over the world, including the James River. Her film Belle Isle with Retired James River Park System manager Ralph White recently won 2nd… Continue reading

B+D6: Briget Ganske

What started with borrowing a camera from her grandparents at age 16 has manifested itself in opportunities to travel, teach and share through documentary storytelling.  Briget Ganske’s photographic and film making journey traverses four… Continue reading

B+D6: Briget Ganske

Briget Ganske pulls you quietly into a space, an opportunity, or an adventure. Through her photography and films, she invokes your senses and your own remembered experiences to take part in a way antithetical… Continue reading

B+D6: Tall Tales

Join us for an evening of storytelling and embellishment.  Our friends at the Visual Arts Center open their art-filled home and the good folks from Three Brothers Brewing pour us a few.

B+D 5: 510_

Heather Grutzius and John White’s 510_ visions include not just the process of how they make, but how that creative process looks, how it feels to manipulate the tools of their trade. They… Continue reading

B+D5: Brian Barker

Brian Barker’s creative talents outsize the theatah. He’s talented in advertising, creative identity, photography, and he apparently knows about slime. Find out more tomorrow at Beer+Design 5: Hammer & Pencil.  5:30pm, September 18th at… Continue reading

B+D4: Shaun Irving

Shaun Irving‘s cameratruck lens looks a bit more U-Haul than Nikon. Learn more about the one of the only apertures capable of helping transport a sofa at Beer+Design 4: Get In Here, May… Continue reading

B+D4: Shaun Irving’s Cameratruck

One of Shaun Irving’s big ideas: find a box truck + drill hole + capture large format black and white images of his travels = Cameratruck. His work harkens historic images, vagabond high… Continue reading

Beer+Design 2: Depth of Field

ctrl – Detail, architecture, city, region, nation. Define depth of field: the distance between the nearest and farthest in-focus objects. What should be in focus, and at what scale, what context? ctrl + Landscape, architecture, documentation,… Continue reading