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B+D 12: Chris Pritchett & Studio Collective

by Chris Pritchett identifies with Appalachia, rural settings, and blue collar living. He’s not excited about generational identifiers. Too mod? Too categorical? He teaches his students to “just be good citizens. Do good work. Use… Continue reading

Beer+Design 12: S,M,L

by know you missed us…we’ve missed you, too. So let’s meet (with open beers and open arms) for Beer+Design 12: S,M,L. We are returning to our design roots with outstanding presenters from Blacksburg,… Continue reading

B+D 10: Don Belt

by Discovery must be high on the list of a journalist’s job perks, especially if your assignment is a multi-year trek following the footsteps of humankind’s migration. Paul Salopek’s seven year journey and… Continue reading

B+D 10: Studio Two Three

by Thanks to Studio Two Three, Richmond’s community print shop, for hosting Beer+Design 10: choose your own adventure! With in house artists and instructors, communal studios, private studios, darkrooms, classes and workshops and 24/7 access, Studio Two… Continue reading

B+D8: MoB Studio

by When they’re not off battling the evil villains PoorPlanning, LackofSidewalks, and NoSolutionPossible, the MoB Studio squad are holed up in their Middle of Broad secret fortress, disguised as everyday-coffee-drinking-bike-riding-up-all-night-skinny-jean-slinging students, plotting good deeds… Continue reading

B+D7: Burt Pinnock

by Baskervill‘s Burt Pinnock creates a vision for reconciliation through education and awareness. The nearly under construction phase 1 of the Black History Museum of Virginia at the Historic Leigh Street Armory in… Continue reading

B+D7: Burt Pinnock

by Burt Pinnock’s isn’t the only one in town who can tell a tale. But the big picture story he creates through his architectural work bases itself in research, collaboration, and a monumentally… Continue reading

B+D7: Heath Matysek-Snyder

by Holy clampage, Beerman! If the evil-doers of Dry-County get ahold of this hop-neutralizing device B+D is done for! Fear not, boy-wonder, its merely a lesson in end-table technique by B+D:7 presenter Heath… Continue reading

B+D7: Phoenix Handcraft

by   Phoenix Handcraft sees the forest for the trees. While Kyle Lucia and Johanna Willsey create hand forged metalworks and crafted mosaics, they realize that their talents thrive through collaboration. This shared approach… Continue reading

B+D7: Burt Pinnock

by Baskervill’s Burt Pinnock designs from memory. He works somewhere in the tissue between striving for a more inclusive tomorrow and remembering locally difficult yesterdays. Community-minded and a collaborative expert, he excels with various project types… Continue reading

B+D7: Heath Matysek-Snyder

by Heath Matysek-Snyder, returned to his Ram roots and currently creating and inspiring at VCU’s Department of Craft/Material Studies, is a wood traveler. That’s right – Heath’s used the pulpy medium during internships, explorations, and endeavors in… Continue reading

B+D7: Homegrown

by Join us for an evening of Homegrown design, art, and craft. Thanks to our friends at Isley Brewing in Scott’s Addition for sharing their space and homegrown offerings.  Keep an eye on… Continue reading

B+D6: Visual Arts Center

by This place. Inside. 5:30 pm tonight. 1812 West Main Street. See you there!  

B+D6: Kelly O’Keefe

by Many B+D presenters exist and grow solely based on the quality of their crafted work. What happens when quality alone isn’t broadcasting the message loudly enough?  Enter the world of Kelly O’Keefe.… Continue reading

B+D6: Briget Ganske

by What started with borrowing a camera from her grandparents at age 16 has manifested itself in opportunities to travel, teach and share through documentary storytelling.  Briget Ganske’s photographic and film making journey traverses… Continue reading

B+D6: Visual Arts Center of Richmond

by The Visual Arts Center of Richmond has been fostering creativity and community engagement for 50 years.  That’s a long time, people.  Take a stroll through their facility in The Fan and you’ll… Continue reading

B+D6: Tall Tales

by us for an evening of storytelling and embellishment.  Our friends at the Visual Arts Center open their art-filled home and the good folks from Three Brothers Brewing pour us a few.

B+D5 is in the books.

by Dan Zimmerman from Alloy Workshop, presenting to a capacity crowd at B+D5: Hammer & Pencil.  Thanks to John White and Heather Grutzius from 510, as well as Marie and Keith Zawistowksi from OnSite… Continue reading