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B+D 13: Campfire & Co.

by What are they doing in there? Campfire & Co.‘s identity and branding strategies nourish the neighborhood, and beyond. Remember that dark, vacant coffee shop near the Byrd? Try it again and you’ll… Continue reading

B+D 13: Campfire & Co.

by To call Campfire & Co. a branding firm would neglect their ease with interiors. To label them strategists wouldn’t explain their web design or planning skills. Call them adaptive creativists skilled in… Continue reading

B+D13: In Short

by The weather might be warming but we are keeping the beer cold as we prepare for B+D13: In Short. Join us on Wednesday, March 21 at the headquarters of our gracious hosts,… Continue reading

B+D6: Kelly O’Keefe

by Many B+D presenters exist and grow solely based on the quality of their crafted work. What happens when quality alone isn’t broadcasting the message loudly enough? ¬†Enter the world of Kelly O’Keefe.… Continue reading

B+D 6: Kelly O’Keefe

by   What can you say about a Richmond-er who helped found the VCU Brand Center, is cited by Bill Gates, and rubs shoulders with these guys? Not as much as Kelly O’Keefe… Continue reading