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B+D11: 7 Hills Brewing Co.

Get yourselves down to 7 Hills Brewing Company tonight for B+D11: Family Ties.  You’ll find delicious food, drink, and inspiring talks by our great speakers.  Did we mention beer? Advertisements

B+D11: Sub Rosa Bakery

Nearly four years into their venture, B+D11 presenters Sub Rosa Bakery are well-known in Richmond for creating their goods with a deep sense of quality and care.  As a primer, enjoy this flashback to just… Continue reading

B+D11: 7 Hills Brewing Co.

Legend has it that Richmond – like Rome – is a city built on seven hills.  And while there is still much debate and disagreement over exactly which hills might comprise the topographic septet, we can… Continue reading

B+D 9: Travis Milton

  Mix together: two parts archivist one part food heritalogist (?) one part culinary education in the field three parts adventurous creative on a hell of a roll! Let cool while appreciating three other enlightening… Continue reading

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Co.

Did someone say 5:00? Time for an Adventure!

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Does it count if your beer label has some green on it on a day like today? Come see who Devils Backbone celebrates their craft with at Beer+Design 9: Gather. 5:30pm March 25th… Continue reading

B+D 9: Travis Milton

Hungry? Travis Milton has seen the future and wants to be sure yours is filled with food from not far away. Think of Travis as a culinary cartographer, mapping the source and heritage of… Continue reading

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Company

First things first. Thanks to Devils Backbone Brewing Company for their interest and frothy beverage help with Beer+Design 9: Gather. Their Basecamp Brewpub heartily fills the gullet and the gut after (or before!) your Blue Ridge… Continue reading

Beer+Design 9: Gather, March 25th!

We’re back with our 9th installment of Beer+Design. Please join us, and tell your friends, gosh darnit! Free beer if you ride your bike!

B+D7: Isley Brewing

Isley Brewing Company hosts a week filled with “libatious” fun. Music, growler nights, jenga tournaments, limited releases, almost a new back porch, and Beer+Design 7: homegrown 5:30pm May 13th 1715 Summit Avenue in the… Continue reading

B+D5: Balliceaux

photo by RVA news Balliceaux owners Steve and Lanie Gratz reworked a popular Fan watering hole into a place you’d be proud to take your design-minded out-of-towners. Big sliding door, check. Concrete niches for… Continue reading

B+D5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

Virginia Tech design/build LAB ‘s Keith and Marie Zawistowski work as instructors and architects reaches past the shiny detail and the glossy image. They thrive in calloused-hand projects,  their joints and muscles aching at the end of the… Continue reading

B+D4: Relay Foods

  see you soon!

B+D4: Starr Hill’s Grateful

Just in time to nurse Bob back to health, Starr Hill introduces the Grateful Pale Ale! Northwest hops? Check, but brewed with summer in mind. Starr Hill continues to brew with fun in… Continue reading

B+D4: Relay Foods

  Relay Foods gratefully stepped up to provide beer-paired yum at Beer+Design 4: Get In Here. Log on, shop for the most locally grown and crafted ingredients or your favorite staples, then walk to… Continue reading