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B+D 12: S,M,L Go. Now!

At the Veil Brewing Company. See you there! Or here, depending where you are. Advertisements

B+D 12: The Veil Brewing Company

Wall of Sound vs. Wall of Beer. We’ll take Wall of Beer, especially if said libation is from the Veil Brewing Company. No offense there, Phil, but Matt Tarpey and his crew are Master… Continue reading


Hot off their recent Richmond AIA Honor Award, ARCHITECTUREFIRM‘s Katie & Danny MacNelley still reserve room for a few zoo dwellers to grace their projects. But it may have been juror chair Carlton Abbot, no slouch… Continue reading

B+D 12: the Veil Brewing Co.

What is that round the building line at the corner of Roseneath and W. Marshall every Tuesday in the -30 degree rain sleet tornado humidity blizzard? Why, its the faithful flocking to the… Continue reading

B+D 12: Chris Pritchett + Co.

Veteran, studio instructor, printmaker, raiser of endangered sheep, Chris Pritchett explores process. With his Virginia Tech Studio Collective , Chris documents Blacksburg 24061 and design adventures, day-to-days, visiting artists breezing through campus. Chris and his cohorts… Continue reading

B+D 12: ARCHITECTUREFIRM’s Katie & Danny MacNelley

Graduates of UVA’s School of Architecture, designers of skyscrapers, historic resorts, and lion dens, Katie and Danny MacNelly’s ARCHITECTUREFIRM opens the Medium door on Beer+Design 12: S, M, L. After wielding their t-squares in… Continue reading

B+D11: Evatran

B+D11 presenters Evatran have been making a lot of waves lately.  They were recently featured on NPR and earlier in the year were the subject of a Style Weekly cover story.  Come out tonight… Continue reading

B+D11: 7 Hills Brewing Co.

Legend has it that Richmond – like Rome – is a city built on seven hills.  And while there is still much debate and disagreement over exactly which hills might comprise the topographic septet, we can… Continue reading

B+D8: MoB Studio

In our best attempt at fancy black glasses acronym-age consider this equation: Middle of Broad Studio = design (graphic + interior + fashion + community + product)(more livable cities). Come join veteran educators… Continue reading

Beer+Design 8: Collaborate

Join us for Beer+Design 8: collaborate at Ardent Craft Ales on September 24th at 5:30pm. Excited to present Anousheh, Hamilton Glass, and Kristin Caskey, John Malinoski, and Camden Whitehead who lead VCU’s Middle of Broad community design studio…and to… Continue reading

B+D7: Join us!

Join us! Beer+Design 7: homegrown starts right about now. Isley Brewing Company, 1715 Summit Avenue. See you soon…

B+D7: Isley Brewing Company

  Isley Brewing Company. in just a few short hours! 1715 Summit Avenue. See you soon.

B+D7: Phoenix Handcraft

Kyle Lucia and Johannah Willsey of Phoenix Handcraft love to try something new. They find inspiration in recyclables, leftovers, and cast-offs and create their wares and art with a whimsical but critical eye.… Continue reading

Wayne + Design

Beer+Design founder and AIA national’s new Head of Member Something-or-other, Wayne Conners (center) and the rest of the B+D crew gathered this week to wish our buddy and head instigator good hiccup luck… Continue reading

B+D6: Briget Ganske

Briget Ganske pulls you quietly into a space, an opportunity, or an adventure. Through her photography and films, she invokes your senses and your own remembered experiences to take part in a way antithetical… Continue reading

thank you, beer gods

Never get lost or thirsty again. The Brew Trail website’s got us covered.

B+D 5: Balliceaux

  This is not your beautiful house – it’s Balliceaux!  Join us in the back room for Beer + Design 5: Hammer & Pencil today at 5:30 pm. 203 N Lombardy Street. And… Continue reading

Beer+Design 5: 510 Spaces

After that game, we strive to be kind to Hokies – an easy task with the body of work by VT grads Heather Grutzius and John White of 510 Architects.  2 parts architect, 1… Continue reading