B+D 12: the Veil Brewing Co.


What is that round the building line at the corner of Roseneath and W. Marshall every Tuesday in the -30 degree rain sleet tornado humidity blizzard? Why, its the faithful flocking to the latest can release at the third best brewery in the world, according to RateBeer.com, and they drink a lot of great beer at RB.com, a lot of great beer.  The Veil Brewing Company’s Head Brewer, Matt Tarpey, cut his hop teeth locally at O’Conner, then headed north to learn from some of our nation’s best including the Alchemist and Hill Farmstead (look that one up!) before hopping across the pond to Belgium. We’re lucky this uber-credentialed master set up hop shop in Scott’s Addition. We’re even luckier that they’ll host Beer+Design 12: S,M,L on April 26th at 5:30pm. See you there…