Monthly Archive: September, 2013

B+D5 is in the books.

by Dan Zimmerman from Alloy Workshop, presenting to a capacity crowd at B+D5: Hammer & Pencil.  Thanks to John White and Heather Grutzius from 510, as well as Marie and Keith Zawistowksi from OnSite… Continue reading

B+D 5: Hammer & Pencil

by You’re the only one not here. Join us, you deserve it…  

B+D 5: You’ve got to move it…

by   to Balliceaux for Beer+Design 5: Hammer & Pencil at 5:30pm.  203 N. Lombardy Street in our River City.

B+D 5: Alloy’s Dan Zimmerman!

by   The good: We get Dan Zimmerman tonight of Charlottesville design build firm Alloy Workshop! Woohooo!  He’s ripe for this discussion – check out Alloy’s website! The bad: We don’t get Brian… Continue reading

B+D 5: Balliceaux

by   This is not your beautiful house – it’s Balliceaux!  Join us in the back room for Beer + Design 5: Hammer & Pencil today at 5:30 pm. 203 N Lombardy Street.… Continue reading

B+D 5: 510_

by Heather Grutzius and John White’s 510_ visions include not just the process of how they make, but how that creative process looks, how it feels to manipulate the tools of their trade.… Continue reading

B+D5: Brian Barker

by Brian Barker’s creative talents outsize the theatah. He’s talented in advertising, creative identity, photography, and he apparently knows about slime. Find out more tomorrow at Beer+Design 5: Hammer & Pencil.  5:30pm, September 18th… Continue reading

B+D 5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

by Keith and Marie Zawistowski’s design/build LAB students help guide trusses into place at the Covington Farmer’s Market. There’s more to this story to be told at Beer+Design 5: Hammer & Pencil  at… Continue reading

B+D5: 510_

by   What are they doing in there? Collaborating with former B+D presenters Tektonics Design Group and fellow B+D5 presenters Keith and Marie Zawistowski and the VT design/build LAB team. Come here more… Continue reading

B+D5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

by Keith and Marie Zawistowski’s design/build LAB at Virginia Tech promotes and architecture of connectivity. Their Clifton Forge Amphitheater project seeks to give a forum to a community who is struggling to embrace tourism as… Continue reading

B+D5: Balliceaux

by photo by RVA news Balliceaux owners Steve and Lanie Gratz reworked a popular Fan watering hole into a place you’d be proud to take your design-minded out-of-towners. Big sliding door, check. Concrete niches… Continue reading

B+D5: Brian Barker

by     Brian Barker‘s design realm is a fleeting moment – events, television backdrops, theatrical shows. How does these relatively temporary conditions influence design, where an idea, theme, or emotion must be expressed… Continue reading

B+D5: 510 Spaces

by Heather Grutzius and John White’s studio, 510 Spaces, excel in balancing a mixture of scales within their work. They know when to wear their black architect duds, their canvas work garb, and… Continue reading

B+D5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

by Virginia Tech design/build LAB ‘s Keith and Marie Zawistowski work as instructors and architects reaches past the shiny detail and the glossy image. They thrive in calloused-hand projects,  their joints and muscles aching at the end of… Continue reading

Beer+Design 5: Brian Barker

by Brian Barker of Barker Designs conceptualizes temporary architecture. Through his work as a set designer for the local Barksdale Theater and Theater IV, or Knoxville’s Clarence Brown Theater, Brian distills a playwright’s ideas… Continue reading

Beer+Design 5: 510 Spaces

by After that game, we strive to be kind to Hokies – an easy task with the body of work by VT grads Heather Grutzius and John White of 510 Architects.  2 parts architect,… Continue reading