B+D13: In Short

by The weather might be warming but we are keeping the beer cold as we prepare for B+D13: In Short. Join us on Wednesday, March 21 at the headquarters of our gracious hosts,… Continue reading

B+D 13: Thank for joining us!

by Thank you for braving the eight feet of snow and joining us at the mind-blowingly- stunning Mobelux and enjoying the refreshing and generously provided O’Connor brews! Kudos Mallory Noe-Payne, Campfire & Co., and… Continue reading

B+D 13: Mobelux!

by If you visited the Saunders Station Post Office on Broad Street between Lombardy and Allen Streets you may recall a cramped and slow experience. Wait in line no more!  Mobelux and BOB… Continue reading

B+D 13: Yep, it’s on!

by See we told you it wasn’t going to snow! Well, the sidewalk’s shoveled anyhow and the salt is down. The roads are good and the beer is better! Join us at Mobelux!… Continue reading

B+D 13: Campfire & Co.

by What are they doing in there? Campfire & Co.‘s identity and branding strategies nourish the neighborhood, and beyond. Remember that dark, vacant coffee shop near the Byrd? Try it again and you’ll… Continue reading

B+D 13: O’Connor Brewing Co.

by First off,  no it’s not. The forecaster is wrong. The satellite is way off. Trust instead the 87th comment on that fb feed about something completely unrelated. That guy was sipping a… Continue reading

B+D 13: Architecture AF

by California. Texas. New York. Virginia. Architectural itineraries reveal their localities’ lessons which we store to call upon later. Architecture AF‘s Forrest Frazier and Andrew Herbert listened to these lessons and call on… Continue reading

B+D 13: Mallory Noe-Payne

by Journalist. Photographer. Traveler. Inclusionist. Mallory Noe-Payne keeps our futures intertwined by covering issues that affect our commonwealth. And then she tells us about these issues. Mallory wants us to be informed and educated… Continue reading

B+D 13: Campfire & Co.

by To call Campfire & Co. a branding firm would neglect their ease with interiors. To label them strategists wouldn’t explain their web design or planning skills. Call them adaptive creativists skilled in… Continue reading

B+D 13: Architecture AF

by That’s not the Manhattan or the Hamptons. But they’ve built there, too. ArchitecureAF‘s Andrew Herbert and Forrest Frazier figured their voids at the the University of Virginia then at droolable firms Res4,… Continue reading

B+D 13: O’Connor Brewing

by Eight years in and Norfolk’s O’Connor Brewing is community-izing Hampton Roads. Captain Crabby’s food truck tonight, the finest in Jewish traditional/American bluegrass tomorrow night. Eclectic? Yeah. Delicious? Hell yeah! Thanks O’Connor for… Continue reading

B+D13: Mallory Noe-Payne

by Cowmilker no more, Mallory Noe-Payne is our connection to wild places. Foreign travels, check check check, chalked slabs with just toe and finger holds, check check, the jungle of our commonwealth’s capitol,… Continue reading

B+D 12: S,M,L Go. Now!

by At the Veil Brewing Company. See you there! Or here, depending where you are.


by ARCHITECTUREFIRM‘S Katie and Danny MacNelly make simple but distinguished design decisions that harken to vernacular structures found in rural Appalachian foothills and lowlands. Barn-like voids, out-building siting to create exterior spaces. But pitch… Continue reading

B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

by Big ideas. Big construction sites. Tiny drops of water. Justin Whiteford sees water vapor at a scale few of us have experienced. Over a train yard. In Manhattan. 10,000 stories up. Find… Continue reading

B+D 12: Studio Collective

by Studio Collective. Documenters of design process, focusing on student projects amassed from the majors of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. 33 black cladded stealth journalist ninjas and… Continue reading

B+D 12: The Veil Brewing Company

by Wall of Sound vs. Wall of Beer. We’ll take Wall of Beer, especially if said libation is from the Veil Brewing Company. No offense there, Phil, but Matt Tarpey and his crew are… Continue reading


by Hot off their recent Richmond AIA Honor Award, ARCHITECTUREFIRM‘s Katie & Danny MacNelley still reserve room for a few zoo dwellers to grace their projects. But it may have been juror chair Carlton Abbot, no… Continue reading