B+D11: 7 Hills Brewing Co.

Legend has it that Richmond – like Rome – is a city built on seven hills.  And while there is still much debate and disagreement over exactly which hills might comprise the topographic septet, we can… Continue reading

B+D11: Sub Rosa Bakery

If only the interwebs had a ‘smell-tronic 2000’ plugin so that you could really appreciate the art and craft of what our friends at Sub Rosa Bakery do every day.  For now, you should make… Continue reading

B+D11: Evatran

Curious to know about this Plugless Power thing?  Us too.  Here’s CEO and Co-founder Rebecca Hough discussing the company and the importance of their roots here in the Richmond community.  You can hear more… Continue reading

B+D11: Shockoe Atelier

Enjoy this clip of our friends at Shockoe Atelier discussing their passion for working with real people and the importance of craft and craftsmanship.  Then come out to B+D11: Family Ties on May 25th at… Continue reading

B+D11: Family Ties

Announcing Beer+Design 11: Family Ties For this episode we are rekindling the notion of storytelling around the family table. Join our B+D family as we hear about the ties that bind from our… Continue reading

B+D 10: Studio Two Three

Studio Two Three, at 3300 west Clay Street in Scott’s Addition, has you covered! Whether you seek the perfect letterpress, ‘zine, cyanotype, monotype, etched plate, food photo, screen print, or hand lettered masterpiece,… Continue reading

B+D 10: Strangeways Brewing!

Strangeways Brewing saves the day! We’re fortunate to be joined by the best tasting strangest brew in town! Join Strangeways for trivia night, for what looks to be the scariest brewery Halloween around, for the… Continue reading

B+D 10: Thom White

Thom White‘s read the 10 Principles and abides by them far after those few precious weeks as a temporary desert urbanist. Whether considering Mike Ross’ Big Rig Jig, or cheering 50k competitors in… Continue reading

B+D 10: terrain360

Mapping the James River was the big idea. But what next? How about lugging the camerasarus along the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah, through the Narrows of Zion, though Bryce, along the ribbon of… Continue reading

B+D 10: Don Belt

Discovery must be high on the list of a journalist’s job perks, especially if your assignment is a multi-year trek following the footsteps of humankind’s migration. Paul Salopek’s seven year journey and seven… Continue reading

B+D 10: Thom White

Work Program Architects‘ Thom White returns to share another tale of design adventure, this time set on a high desert playa in eastern Nevada. Thom’s yearly pilgrimage includes progressively minded intentions, creativity unbounded, great… Continue reading

B+D 10: terrain360

From the confluence of the Cowpasture and Jackson Rivers to the calm waters of the Chesapeake, Ryan Abrahamsen of terrain360 and Andy Thompson of Richmond Outside.com digitally mapped the length of the James River. And yo… Continue reading

B+D 10: Don Belt

Don Belt travels with purpose. While reporting on changing environments, climate, or cultures as a National Geographic writer and editor since the early 1980’s, Don’s adventures aren’t necessarily the fantastic view from the summit… Continue reading

B+D 10: Strangeways!

Strangeways Brewing‘s Neil Burton and Mike Hiller have a penchance for creating greatness. Whether new legislation, finely tuned craft beers, or an award winning taproom, Strangeways delights in invention. Located in the Dabney… Continue reading

B+D 10: Studio Two Three

Thanks to Studio Two Three, Richmond’s community print shop, for hosting Beer+Design 10: choose your own adventure! With in house artists and instructors, communal studios, private studios, darkrooms, classes and workshops and 24/7 access, Studio Two Three… Continue reading

Beer+Design 10! choose your own adventure

hope you can join us!

B+D 9: Carytown Bike Co.

We might add & Beer, but otherwise we’re in Carytown Bike Company‘s pack… Or maybe just slightly off the back. See you there tomorrow for Beer+Design 9: Gather 5:30 pm March 25th. Free beer… Continue reading

B+D 9: Travis Milton

  Mix together: two parts archivist one part food heritalogist (?) one part culinary education in the field three parts adventurous creative on a hell of a roll! Let cool while appreciating three other enlightening… Continue reading