B+D 12: ARCHITECTUREFIRM’s Katie & Danny MacNelley


Graduates of UVA’s School of Architecture, designers of skyscrapers, historic resorts, and lion dens, Katie and Danny MacNelly’s ARCHITECTUREFIRM opens the Medium door on Beer+Design 12: S, M, L. After wielding their t-squares in the urban jungle of NYC, the Richmond of the North, Katie and Danny found their way back to Richmond and projects projects of a more modest scale. Homes, hotels, learning environments – the MacNelley’s provide the medium scale of B+D 12’s S, M, L, though we give them an A+ for design quality. We love that an occasional zoo animal still wanders through their work. Join us April 26th at 5:30pm-ish at the Veil Brewing Co. in, yup, Scott’s Addition.  See you there…