Monthly Archive: March, 2015

B+D 9: Carytown Bike Co.

We might add & Beer, but otherwise we’re in Carytown Bike Company‘s pack… Or maybe just slightly off the back. See you there tomorrow for Beer+Design 9: Gather 5:30 pm March 25th. Free beer… Continue reading

B+D 9: Travis Milton

  Mix together: two parts archivist one part food heritalogist (?) one part culinary education in the field three parts adventurous creative on a hell of a roll! Let cool while appreciating three other enlightening… Continue reading

B+D9: Classical Revolution RVA

Classical Revolution RVA rocks Richmond! Well, quietly and purposefully… Ellen Cockerham and her fellow musical maestros use their talents to bridge between the perception of classical music – stuffy, elitist – and you, the people… Continue reading

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Co.

Did someone say 5:00? Time for an Adventure!

B+D9: Josh Epperson and Johnny Hugel of Feast RVA

Feast RVA‘s Johnny Hugel and Josh Epperson are a busy duo and we are excited they slow down long enough to share their philanthropic adventures and a cold beer. You’ll see a few… Continue reading

B+D 9: Carytown Bike Co.

No strangers to great design, the folks at Carytown Bike Company approach their projects with a sensitivity to context and craftsmanship that will make your designer spectacles fog with envy! Whether its a shiny… Continue reading

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Does it count if your beer label has some green on it on a day like today? Come see who Devils Backbone celebrates their craft with at Beer+Design 9: Gather. 5:30pm March 25th… Continue reading

B+D 9: Travis Milton

Hungry? Travis Milton has seen the future and wants to be sure yours is filled with food from not far away. Think of Travis as a culinary cartographer, mapping the source and heritage of… Continue reading

B+D 9: Feast RVA

  Josh Epperson and Johnny Hugel are busy supporting you. You had this great creative idea, you thought it could benefit others, but couldn’t fund it yourself. So you went to dinner with… Continue reading

B+D 9: Classical Revolution RVA

In a town known for its soul, jazz, pop, and monster metal acts, Classical Revolution RVA adds brilliantly to the musical mayhem. Director Ellen Cockerham and nearly 200 trained musicians take it to… Continue reading

B+D9: Carytown Bicycle Company

Carytown Bicycle Company, located in Richmonds emerging Bicycle District, hosts Beer+Design 9: Gather right there in the middle of carbon, wool, and steel sweetery! Racers, commuters, mountain bikers, adventurers, the crew at Carytown loves… Continue reading

B+D 9: Devils Backbone Brewing Company

First things first. Thanks to Devils Backbone Brewing Company for their interest and frothy beverage help with Beer+Design 9: Gather. Their Basecamp Brewpub heartily fills the gullet and the gut after (or before!) your Blue Ridge… Continue reading