B+D9: Classical Revolution RVA


Classical Revolution RVA rocks Richmond! Well, quietly and purposefully… Ellen Cockerham and her fellow musical maestros use their talents to bridge between the perception of classical music – stuffy, elitist – and you, the people who aren’t. The people moved by the starkness and simplicity of centuries old instruments speaking directly to a place well within your soul. The people who would rather sit close to the musicians, and in your style of clothes, and with a cold frothy at hand. Classical Revolution RVAs standing monthly Classical Incarnations gig at Balliceaux is augmented by projects like this month’s Mozart Fest among Carytown shops, and their Pairs program, a double bill with more contemporary local indie bands. Hear for yourself at Beer+Design 9: Gather 5:30pm March 25th at Carytown Bike Co.