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B+D 12: Studio Collective


Studio Collective. Documenters of design process, focusing on student projects amassed from the majors of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. 33 black cladded stealth journalist ninjas and one… Continue reading

B+D 12: Chris Pritchett & Studio Collective


Chris Pritchett identifies with Appalachia, rural settings, and blue collar living. He’s not excited about generational identifiers. Too mod? Too categorical? He teaches his students to “just be good citizens. Do good work. Use your… Continue reading

B+D 12: Chris Pritchett + Co.


Veteran, studio instructor, printmaker, raiser of endangered sheep, Chris Pritchett explores process. With his Virginia Tech Studio Collective , Chris documents Blacksburg 24061 and design adventures, day-to-days, visiting artists breezing through campus. Chris and his cohorts… Continue reading