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B+D9: Classical Revolution RVA

by Classical Revolution RVA rocks Richmond! Well, quietly and purposefully… Ellen Cockerham and her fellow musical maestros use their talents to bridge between the perception of classical music – stuffy, elitist – and you, the… Continue reading

B+D 9: Classical Revolution RVA

by In a town known for its soul, jazz, pop, and monster metal acts, Classical Revolution RVA adds brilliantly to the musical mayhem. Director Ellen Cockerham and nearly 200 trained musicians take it… Continue reading

Beer+Design 9: Gather, March 25th!

by We’re back with our 9th installment of Beer+Design. Please join us, and tell your friends, gosh darnit! Free beer if you ride your bike!

B+D8: Anousheh

by When we think of ‘South of the James’ long lines for Mennonite Donuts and fast-paced trail runs come to mind, worlds away from the creativity and technicality SOJ resident Anousheh brings to her music.… Continue reading

B+D 8: Anousheh!

by Anousheh Khalili brings the music back to Beer+Design! With shows dotting the calendar and her latest album funded by a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Anousheh’s continues to put distance on her several year… Continue reading

Beer+Design 8: Collaborate

by Join us for Beer+Design 8: collaborate at Ardent Craft Ales on September 24th at 5:30pm. Excited to present Anousheh, Hamilton Glass, and Kristin Caskey, John Malinoski, and Camden Whitehead who lead VCU’s Middle of Broad community design studio…and… Continue reading

B+D6: 3 Brothers Brewing

by We keep lists at B+D: Who we want to hear, where to hear them, what to drink, and of course, the best design related band names: Weep Screed!, Urban Umbrella Etiquette, and… Continue reading

B+D4: Tom Rodriguez

by Its owner never picked up Tom Rodriguez’s first commissioned guitar. So others picked it up and played it, and ordered their own when Tom wouldn’t sell the original. The rest is a sweet… Continue reading

B+D4: Starr Hill Brewery

by   Happy Friday! Hope you are thirsty on May 15th – the generous folks at Starr Hill Brewery step up to provide libation for Beer+Design 4: Get In Here. Their also bringing… Continue reading

B+D4: Tom Rodriguez

by Tom Rodriguez of Rodriguez Guitars quietly employs materials formula one racers flaunt. His interest in classical and Flamenco guitars manifests itself in a limtied number of finely detailed and crafted built works… Continue reading

Nelly Kate + Enric Miralles?

by   How often have you read a quote from a non-Frank Lloyd Wright architect on an artist/musician’s website? How about the great land/arch/time imaginings of Enric Miralles?  Nelly Kate brings cross-genre creativity… Continue reading

Nelly Kate

by Nelly Kate Anderson is an artist living in Richmond, Virginia.  Her interests span a variety of genres and include music, photography, writing, and animation.  Her latest album, ish ish, was released last… Continue reading

Beer+Design 3: Get Outta Here

by Make plans to attend our next installment – B+D3: Get Outta Here.  This will mark our third outing, and we are pleased to rebottle it under the Beer+Design label.  Stay tuned here… Continue reading