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B+D 10: Thom White

Work Program Architects‘ Thom White returns to share another tale of design adventure, this time set on a high desert playa in eastern Nevada. Thom’s yearly pilgrimage includes progressively minded intentions, creativity unbounded, great… Continue reading

B+D8: Ardent Craft Ales

We offer you this image of the finely crafted, sensitively detailed, historically appreciative interior of Ardent Craft Ale‘s tasting room in case you’ve never noticed it due to its ever-present, near-capacity occupancy. Join us… Continue reading

B+D5 is in the books.

Dan Zimmerman from Alloy Workshop, presenting to a capacity crowd at B+D5: Hammer & Pencil.  Thanks to John White and Heather Grutzius from 510, as well as Marie and Keith Zawistowksi from OnSite Architecture… Continue reading

B+D 5: 510_

Heather Grutzius and John White’s 510_ visions include not just the process of how they make, but how that creative process looks, how it feels to manipulate the tools of their trade. They… Continue reading

B+D 5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

Keith and Marie Zawistowski’s design/build LAB students help guide trusses into place at the Covington Farmer’s Market. There’s more to this story to be told at Beer+Design 5: Hammer & Pencil  at Balliceaux’s… Continue reading

B+D5: 510_

  What are they doing in there? Collaborating with former B+D presenters Tektonics Design Group and fellow B+D5 presenters Keith and Marie Zawistowski and the VT design/build LAB team. Come here more from… Continue reading

B+D5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

Keith and Marie Zawistowski’s design/build LAB at Virginia Tech promotes and architecture of connectivity. Their Clifton Forge Amphitheater project seeks to give a forum to a community who is struggling to embrace tourism as their… Continue reading

B+D5: 510 Spaces

Heather Grutzius and John White’s studio, 510 Spaces, excel in balancing a mixture of scales within their work. They know when to wear their black architect duds, their canvas work garb, and when… Continue reading

B+D5: Keith and Marie Zawistowski

Virginia Tech design/build LAB ‘s Keith and Marie Zawistowski work as instructors and architects reaches past the shiny detail and the glossy image. They thrive in calloused-hand projects,  their joints and muscles aching at the end of the… Continue reading

Beer+Design 5: Brian Barker

Brian Barker of Barker Designs conceptualizes temporary architecture. Through his work as a set designer for the local Barksdale Theater and Theater IV, or Knoxville’s Clarence Brown Theater, Brian distills a playwright’s ideas into… Continue reading

B+D5: Hammer & Pencil

Mark your calendars for the next installment of Beer+Design.  We have honed the lineup and are pleased to bring you a variety of perspectives on the topic of “design-build.”