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B+D13: In Short

by The weather might be warming but we are keeping the beer cold as we prepare for B+D13: In Short. Join us on Wednesday, March 21 at the headquarters of our gracious hosts,… Continue reading

B+D 12: S,M,L Go. Now!

by At the Veil Brewing Company. See you there! Or here, depending where you are.


by ARCHITECTUREFIRM‘S Katie and Danny MacNelly make simple but distinguished design decisions that harken to vernacular structures found in rural Appalachian foothills and lowlands. Barn-like voids, out-building siting to create exterior spaces. But pitch… Continue reading

B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

by Big ideas. Big construction sites. Tiny drops of water. Justin Whiteford sees water vapor at a scale few of us have experienced. Over a train yard. In Manhattan. 10,000 stories up. Find… Continue reading

B+D 12: Studio Collective

by Studio Collective. Documenters of design process, focusing on student projects amassed from the majors of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. 33 black cladded stealth journalist ninjas and… Continue reading

B+D 12: The Veil Brewing Company

by Wall of Sound vs. Wall of Beer. We’ll take Wall of Beer, especially if said libation is from the Veil Brewing Company. No offense there, Phil, but Matt Tarpey and his crew are… Continue reading


by Hot off their recent Richmond AIA Honor Award, ARCHITECTUREFIRM‘s Katie & Danny MacNelley still reserve room for a few zoo dwellers to grace their projects. But it may have been juror chair Carlton Abbot, no… Continue reading

B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

by Hit mute and gape! That tiny dot that keeps tethering itself to something structural on each of the floors? Justin Whiteford. We can’t wait to hear new-Richmonder Justin Whiteford expand on his adventures hovering… Continue reading

B+D 12: Chris Pritchett & Studio Collective

by Chris Pritchett identifies with Appalachia, rural settings, and blue collar living. He’s not excited about generational identifiers. Too mod? Too categorical? He teaches his students to “just be good citizens. Do good work. Use… Continue reading

B+D 12: the Veil Brewing Co.

by What is that round the building line at the corner of Roseneath and W. Marshall every Tuesday in the -30 degree rain sleet tornado humidity blizzard? Why, its the faithful flocking to… Continue reading

B+D 12: Justin Whiteford, KPF

by Justin Whiteford, an associate principal with KPF, helps provide New York the equivalent of Iceland’s gross domestic product with just one project. No, wait, Hudson Yards will provide the big apple with $5 billion dollars… Continue reading

B+D 12: Chris Pritchett + Co.

by Veteran, studio instructor, printmaker, raiser of endangered sheep, Chris Pritchett explores process. With his Virginia Tech Studio Collective , Chris documents Blacksburg 24061 and design adventures, day-to-days, visiting artists breezing through campus. Chris and his… Continue reading

B+D 12: ARCHITECTUREFIRM’s Katie & Danny MacNelley

by Graduates of UVA’s School of Architecture, designers of skyscrapers, historic resorts, and lion dens, Katie and Danny MacNelly’s ARCHITECTUREFIRM opens the Medium door on Beer+Design 12: S, M, L. After wielding their t-squares… Continue reading

Beer+Design 12: S,M,L

by know you missed us…we’ve missed you, too. So let’s meet (with open beers and open arms) for Beer+Design 12: S,M,L. We are returning to our design roots with outstanding presenters from Blacksburg,… Continue reading

B+D11: Family Ties TONIGHT

by Get yourselves down to 7 Hills Brewing Co. for B+D11: Family Ties.  Starting in just a few minutes!

B+D11: 7 Hills Brewing Co.

by Get yourselves down to 7 Hills Brewing Company tonight for B+D11: Family Ties.  You’ll find delicious food, drink, and inspiring talks by our great speakers.  Did we mention beer?

B+D11: Sub Rosa Bakery

by Nearly four years into their venture, B+D11 presenters Sub Rosa Bakery are well-known in Richmond for creating their goods with a deep sense of quality and care.  As a primer, enjoy this flashback to… Continue reading

B+D11: Evatran

by B+D11 presenters Evatran have been making a lot of waves lately.  They were recently featured on NPR and earlier in the year were the subject of a Style Weekly cover story.  Come out… Continue reading