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B+D 10: Studio Two Three

Studio Two Three, at 3300 west Clay Street in Scott’s Addition, has you covered! Whether you seek the perfect letterpress, ‘zine, cyanotype, monotype, etched plate, food photo, screen print, or hand lettered masterpiece,… Continue reading

B+D 10: Thom White

Thom White‘s read the 10 Principles and abides by them far after those few precious weeks as a temporary desert urbanist. Whether considering Mike Ross’ Big Rig Jig, or cheering 50k competitors in… Continue reading

B+D 10: Thom White

Work Program Architects‘ Thom White returns to share another tale of design adventure, this time set on a high desert playa in eastern Nevada. Thom’s yearly pilgrimage includes progressively minded intentions, creativity unbounded, great… Continue reading

B+D 10: Studio Two Three

Thanks to Studio Two Three, Richmond’s community print shop, for hosting Beer+Design 10: choose your own adventure! With in house artists and instructors, communal studios, private studios, darkrooms, classes and workshops and 24/7 access, Studio Two Three… Continue reading

B+D8: At work with Hamilton Glass

Just a little shot of art in the making, courtesy of Hamilton Glass. Looking for more Glass-y goodness? Check out this recent interview on WRIR or join about 1900 other smart folks who get regular doses of Ham… Continue reading

B+D8: MoB Studio

When they’re not off battling the evil villains PoorPlanning, LackofSidewalks, and NoSolutionPossible, the MoB Studio squad are holed up in their Middle of Broad secret fortress, disguised as everyday-coffee-drinking-bike-riding-up-all-night-skinny-jean-slinging students, plotting good deeds for… Continue reading

B+D8 – Nice Glass!

Once you recognize Hamilton Glass‘s work, you recognize how prolific his talents have become in our city. He’s everywhere! And maybe he’s on your shoes, the halls at school, or your gallery wall.… Continue reading

B+D 8: Middle Of Broad Studio

  Huh? Who? It’s a bird, its a plane…its the MoB squad doing what they do! Kristin Caskey, John Malinosky and Camden Whitehead lead VCU’s Middle Of Broad Studio and they aren’t shy. They… Continue reading

B+D8: Hamilton Glass

Who’s Ham? In short, he’s an architect, artist, designer, who depicts his urban experiences in collages of portraiture. landscape, and a field of orthogonal patterning racing behind. You’ve seen his playful, serious, questioning characters adding to… Continue reading

Beer+Design 8: Collaborate

Join us for Beer+Design 8: collaborate at Ardent Craft Ales on September 24th at 5:30pm. Excited to present Anousheh, Hamilton Glass, and Kristin Caskey, John Malinoski, and Camden Whitehead who lead VCU’s Middle of Broad community design studio…and to… Continue reading

B+D7: Phoenix Handcraft

Kyle Lucia and Johannah Willsey of Phoenix Handcraft love to try something new. They find inspiration in recyclables, leftovers, and cast-offs and create their wares and art with a whimsical but critical eye.… Continue reading

B+D7: Heath Matysek-Snyder

Heath Matysek-Snyder‘s exhibition experience reads as a cross between high design and rural road trip: the San Francisco Museum of  Craft and Design, Dwell on Design, ICFF, Afton’s Kominy Event and a Sculptural Driving Tour in… Continue reading

B+D7: Heath Matysek-Snyder

Heath Matysek-Snyder, returned to his Ram roots and currently creating and inspiring at VCU’s Department of Craft/Material Studies, is a wood traveler. That’s right – Heath’s used the pulpy medium during internships, explorations, and endeavors in craft… Continue reading

Now with improved Snyder!

Now with improved Snyder spelling! See you there!

B+D7: Phoenix Handcraft

  Kyle Lucia and Johannah Willsey’s Phoenix Handcraft studio celebrates old materials fused with new. He’s a blacksmith, she’s a mosaic artist and both derive the greatest satisfaction from collaborative projects. They lead… Continue reading

B+D7: Homegrown

Join us for an evening of Homegrown design, art, and craft. Thanks to our friends at Isley Brewing in Scott’s Addition for sharing their space and homegrown offerings.  Keep an eye on Facebook,… Continue reading

B+D6 Recap: Briget Ganske

Briget Ganske was kind enough to share her entire presentation (including narration!) for all to enjoy.  It is 10 minutes of brilliant storytelling and visual poetry.  So whether you missed B+D6: Tall Tales,… Continue reading

B+D6: Visual Arts Center

This place. Inside. 5:30 pm tonight. 1812 West Main Street. See you there!