B+D 8: Middle Of Broad Studio

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Huh? Who? It’s a bird, its a plane…its the MoB squad doing what they do! Kristin Caskey, John Malinosky and Camden Whitehead lead VCU’s Middle Of Broad Studio and they aren’t shy. They guide and mentor their students on projects whose mere mention makes your mortal soul want to soar. They’ve tackled outfits for conjoined twins, a better hat for facial burn victims, little libraries, more inviting neighborhood blocks, seatbelt covers for children, fundraising, the biggest hat in the city, and rise to at least 12 First Fridays a year. At least!  Come learn more about their current endeavorsand check out the latest in customized Tyvek apparel at Beer + Design 8: collaborate on September 24th, 5:30pm at Ardent Craft Ales – 3200 W. Leigh St.