Monthly Archive: January, 2014

B+D6: 3 Brothers Brewing

by   Yes, they are brothers over at 3 Brothers Brewing. Adam, Jason, and Tyler. Feast your design loving digits on those tap handles! If they take that much care in a lever,… Continue reading

B+D 6: Kelly O’Keefe

by   What can you say about a Richmond-er who helped found the VCU Brand Center, is cited by Bill Gates, and rubs shoulders with these guys? Not as much as Kelly O’Keefe… Continue reading

B+D6: Amy Black

by   Huddled above the Cary Street glam promenaders, Amy Black  harkens us back to an image of old Richmond. Before we were the bike racers, the river town of the year, the flying squirrels,… Continue reading

B+D6: Briget Ganske

by Briget Ganske pulls you quietly into a space, an opportunity, or an adventure. Through her photography and films, she invokes your senses and your own remembered experiences to take part in a way… Continue reading

B+D6: Tall Tales

by us for an evening of storytelling and embellishment.  Our friends at the Visual Arts Center open their art-filled home and the good folks from Three Brothers Brewing pour us a few.