B+D6: Amy Black



Huddled above the Cary Street glam promenaders, Amy Black  harkens us back to an image of old Richmond. Before we were the bike racers, the river town of the year, the flying squirrels, in the final four, we were a city with a damn fine arts program at the local college. Luckily that moniker has only slightly changed in no small part because of people a lot like Amy Black. Amy’s two part tattoo artist and one part non-profit angel. Though the shingle hanging above her door is small, her presence isn’t: she’s a Richmond favorite for several years running, and attracts tattoo collectors from at least three corners of the U.S. Come learn more about the art, Amy Black, and The Pink Ink Project at Beer+Desin 6: Tall Tales. 5:30pm February 19th at the Visual Arts Center.