B+D 10: Don Belt


Discovery must be high on the list of a journalist’s job perks, especially if your assignment is a multi-year trek following the footsteps of humankind’s migration. Paul Salopek’s seven year journey and seven year story enables him to consider the largest of issues and the most intimate. Richmond may not be on his itinerary, but it is the home of Don Belt, a National Geographic colleague who works with Paul to translate the journey’s discoveries into an educational platform. No slouch to travel, Don’s own journeys have taken him from frigid laplands to arid deserts to listen and ask and tell the stories and explain the situations we can’t access in the fast pace of typical media sources. Find out more about slow journalism from Don Belt at Beer+Design 10: choose your own adventure – 5:30 pm, Wednesday, October 7th at Studio Two Three, 3300 West Clay Street. See you there! (photo of Mathieu Chazal walking along the Georgia-Turkey border by Paul Salopek).