Beer+Design 5: 510 Spaces

After that game, we strive to be kind to Hokies – an easy task with the body of work by VT grads Heather Grutzius and John White of 510 Architects.  2 parts architect, 1… Continue reading

B+D5: Hammer & Pencil

Mark your calendars for the next installment of Beer+Design.  We have honed the lineup and are pleased to bring you a variety of perspectives on the topic of “design-build.”

B+D4: don’t just sit there…

The beer’s on ice! Almost time to go… 1717 Summit Avenue 5:30pm

B+D: Richmond Bicycle Studio

Please note that the entrance to Richmond Bicycle Studio is in the wide alley between Altamont and Summit in Scott’s Addition. If you get to Richard’s Gentlemen Club, you’re only a few steps… Continue reading

B+D4: now we’re on the inside!

  Welcome to our interior design friends looking for the most colorful CEU possible!    

B+D4: the chilled CEU alternative

  We promise you will not find a better CEU alternative. No additives, no preservatives, just design and camaraderie.

B+D4: Haworth

Thanks Haworth!  

B+D4: Relay Foods

  see you soon!

B+D4: Starr Hill

  getting thirsty? See you tonight…    

B+D4: Shaun Irving

Shaun Irving‘s cameratruck lens looks a bit more U-Haul than Nikon. Learn more about the one of the only apertures capable of helping transport a sofa at Beer+Design 4: Get In Here, May… Continue reading

B+D4: Tom Rodriguez

Its owner never picked up Tom Rodriguez’s first commissioned guitar. So others picked it up and played it, and ordered their own when Tom wouldn’t sell the original. The rest is a sweet sounding… Continue reading

B+D4: Craig Dodson

  Members of the Richmond Cycling Corps elite hammer to the trailhead then hop off road on their cyclocross bikes. No afternoon joy ride, these kids bust it with hill repeats, time trills,… Continue reading

B+D4: re:4m design build

  Prior to spreading her design wings with Ben, Gwen Murray worked with the now historic Kytin Design and Fabrication in San Francisco. Some of their work can be seen here, here, and… Continue reading

B+D4: ecoMOD’s John Quale

John Quale’s ecoMOD team designed & built this home in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity not far from their previous builds in Charlottesville. Built between 2008 and 2010, the THRU house comes the… Continue reading

B+D4: Starr Hill’s Grateful

Just in time to nurse Bob back to health, Starr Hill introduces the Grateful Pale Ale! Northwest hops? Check, but brewed with summer in mind. Starr Hill continues to brew with fun in… Continue reading

B+D4: We’re on ASID

  Gillian Bowman rocks. As one of our Board of Guzzlers, she sought to make our event Interior Designer-worthy. With a generous contribution from Haworth, Gillian delivers! Beer+Design 4: Get In Here offers IDCEC… Continue reading

B+D4: Shaun Irving’s Cameratruck

One of Shaun Irving’s big ideas: find a box truck + drill hole + capture large format black and white images of his travels = Cameratruck. His work harkens historic images, vagabond high… Continue reading

B+D4: Relay Foods

  Relay Foods gratefully stepped up to provide beer-paired yum at Beer+Design 4: Get In Here. Log on, shop for the most locally grown and crafted ingredients or your favorite staples, then walk to… Continue reading