Blue Mountain Brewery + Nelson 151



Blue Mountain Brewery‘s sponsorship of Beer + Design 3: Get Outta Here shouldn’t be a surprise – these are an active group of folks!  They share Nelson County with the Blue Ridge Parkway, ski resorts, fantastic road and mountain biking routes, fishing galore, gourmet artisans and handmade and craftsmen and Nelson 151 – a group of breweries and wineries dedicated to becoming “Virginia’s Weekend Address”. Blue Mountain keeps over seven of their own beers on tap, and offers another 20 seasonal brews . But here’s the best part: they offer excursion packages from a few central VA towns, and will cart you not only to their oasis, but also to their neighbors in beverage creativity. Their generosity continues to overwhelm us as they’ve checked to be certain of beer pairings for the event and even being sure they’ve offered us enough beer! Join us February 6th for Beer and Design 3: Get Outta Here, then get outta here and support Blue Mountain Brewery, and pick up a clean cycling jersey from them for the ride back home.