B+D 10: Don Belt


Don Belt travels with purpose. While reporting on changing environments, climate, or cultures as a National Geographic writer and editor since the early 1980’s, Don’s adventures aren’t necessarily the fantastic view from the summit or pristine coast. He’s skilled at understanding and sharing globally-scaled matters at a very personal level through his work. But this time, he staying at home, mostly. One of Don’s latest projects, a course first taught at VCU and later at the University of Richmond entitled “Slow Journalism in a Fast World: The Out of Eden Project”. Centering on fellow journalist Paul Salopek’s trek following the earliest human’s migration out of Africa and on finally to the tip of South America. Please join us as Don shares his experiences at Beer+Design 10: choose your own adventure. October 7th, 5:30 pm at Studio Two Three, 3300 West Clay St.